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Full Snow Moon 
A captivating coming-of age story for those who enjoy Historical Fiction. Positively Midwest Book Reviewed, the inspiring story-line offers a little mystery with a mild paranormal element that moves the story along.
"This novel is crammed with interesting facts and perspectives on a number of levels. Surfing, Native Americans, historical architecture, historic preservation and the Blizzard of 1888. It builds a rewarding drama about a high school kid in the throes of what high school kids get caught up in, and interjects a fun ghost story on top of it."  Amazon Review
Something's Lost and Must be Found

An engaging Short Story Collection for dog-lovers and fans of Inspirational fiction; inspired by the search and rescue dogs of the soul. Based on the first one-hundred posts of a devoted Dog-blogger. A portion of all downloads will go to help some animals in need.


"Don't start this book unless you have time to enjoy all of it because you will not want to put it down." J. Auxter, Amazon reviewer

A Collar And A Dream: When We Fostered Furley

"This book opens the door for readers of all ages to embrace the lessons of compassion, tolerance, and acceptance, while fostering a connection between humans and animals. There are many facets to fostering an animal in need and A Collar and a Dream: When We Fostered Furley by Lisa Begin-Kruysman lets them shine clearly and brilliantly is this wonderful story."




Dog's Best Friend: Will Judy, Founder of National Dog Week and Dog World Publisher

A reference book detailing the life and work of Captain William Lewis Judy, the man credited for taking America to the Dogs.


"This is a fascinating journey for dog lovers about a man clearly ahead of his time."-Steve Dale, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant


McFarland & Co. - October, 2014


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